Which Exercise Bike?


Notable exercise bike differences…


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It is not always that you will have the time or even space to work-out on an exercise bike, which is why maintaining your healthy diet is important. And depending on your objectives eating the right foods is equally important.

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…Now, back to choosing an exercise bike!

Whilst it may be obvious to expect an exercise bike to emulate a normal bike. There are a varying number of different options available. Some dealing with aspects which you may have not considered.


As with a normal bike, an upright exercise bike typically has the user in a forward leaning upright position. The seat of most exercise bikes are often larger and more comfortable than a regular bike. An upright exercise bike typically takes up less space than a recumbent exercise bike, and therefore would be  suitable for the majority of home users with little space.


Then you have the more comfortable recumbent exercise bike, which is especially appreciated when recovering from an injury. The recumbent exercise bike forces the user into a ‘leaning backward’ position which may be therapeutic on the knee, back and glutes.


The upright training exercise bike. As you may have gathered there are different types of upright exercise bikes including the more robust type designed for vigorous work-outs.


Exercise bikes allow the user to measure their performance and create new goals. The type of features may include; time, speed, pulse, calories…

 images: HealthTrader

What does the flywheel do?

The flywheel is often covered in a case and connected to the pedals of an exercise bike with a chain or belt. The flywheel provides the resistance as you pedal and stores the rotational energy you exert as you pedal for the initial rotations.

A heavy flywheel of around 40-50 pounds is suitable for a vigorous work-out and requires more ‘effort’ to make it spin. Having said that, here are some of the other things you should look for:

Other features

  1. Check for adjustable resistance levels.
  2. Check that the seat is to your desired comfort and is adjustable.
  3. Check the pedal for comfort and fit.
  4. Check that the built-in computer have at least 3 of the basic stats such as; speed, time, and the number of calories burned, heart rate, and so on…

There are a great many more features available from the different makes and models of exercise bikes. Imagine keeping cool with a fan built into your exercise bike, like the one shown below.