CBD Vape Oil Cannabis Without The High?

what is cbd

Cannabidiol is better known as CBD – it’s an active part of a chemical compound found in Cannabis known as Cannabinoids

Between the two main Cannabinoids, THC and CBD, it is Cannabidiol or CBD that is noted for its medicinal benefits.

Through results of ongoing tests and numerous individual experiences using Cannabidiol, CBD has become recognised for its properties known to help stop epileptic seizures, relieve pain and more…

…In fact, CBD has gained a lot of interest due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-convulsive attributes…

So what is CBD Vape Oil?

Unlike THC , Which is widely known for its recreational use, CBD will not get you ‘high’.

Now, CBD Vape Oil itself is simply a concentrated Cannabidiol extract of Cannabis and it is not psychoactive. Meaning it does not have the effects expected from smoking marijuana.

Which is why the MediPen® has introduced itself as being; not only all natural but also free of any THCs (you know… the stuff that gets you high!).


What is MediPen®?

The MediPen® is the first of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) tested consumer cannabis product.

Influenced by the rise of the Vaporiser or ‘e-cigarette’, the MediPen® offers a convenient, odourless means of consuming CBD as a concentrate or ‘e-liquid’ through ‘vaping’.



How Does MediPen® Work?

Whilst the underlying objective of the team behind the MediPen® is to end the criminalisation of; cannabis based medication(see:#MediMonday) and make CBD legally available to the many individuals that will benefit from its use.

The MediPen® works like mostly any other button-less vaporiser. Where the user simply inhales through the mouthpiece to activate. The LED indicators light up to signal that the device is at work.

vaporiserThe mouthpiece and cartridge section containing the CBD Vape Oil, fixes to the sleek body holding the battery. Which can be recharged using USB or through your main electric supply.

What Are People Saying About MediPen.

Generally, there are a number of users, blogs and other data providing reviews and testimony of the usefulness of CBD and how it may help with the daily lives of sufferers of the numerous ailments.



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