Reference – Paleo Diet


Paleo Diet Benefits

(1) European Journal of Clinical Nutrition: Metabolic and Physiologic Improvements from Consuming a Paleolithic Hunter-Gatherer Type Diet

(2) Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology: The Beneficial Effects of a Paleolithic Diet on Type 2 diabetes and Other Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease

(3) Facebook: Dr. Cordain’s Rebuttal to U.S. News and World Report top 20 Diets



University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine: Pros and cons of the Paleo Diet

MedlinePlus: C-Reactive Protein

Mercola: Feast Like a Cavemand and Watch the Pounds Melt Away

Huffington Post: 6 Health Lessons From the Paleo Diet

CNN: Paleo Diet Ranks Last on “best diets” list

Scientific American: How to really Eat Like a Hunter-Gatherer

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